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Northern Blvd. Florist is a local Jackson Heights, New York florist delivering courteous, professional service since 1985. Our experienced designers can create floral designs that will complement any occasion and meet your budget and style expectations as well. We also offer daily delivery service to all local funeral homes and hospitals. Feel free to call us to place orders directly at 718-458-7015. It is our pleasure to assist you with any local, as well as nationwide deliveries.


  • Tips on care for your plants during the coming winter.

    <p><strong>We've been getting quite a few calls on plant care during the winter so here it goes...</strong></p><p>Many houseplants hunker down for an extended period of rest during the winter months. They'll stop flowering and growing new leaves. Some species will drop leaves and that's okay! You haven't killed it. It's getting ready to rest, just like trees and plenty of garden plants. Depending on the plant, dormancy can last for several weeks to a couple of months and you'll need to adjust you plant care routine accordingly.</p><p>Cut Back on Water</p><p>Since plants don't expend much energy when they're dormant, they don't need as much water as they normally would. This also means that plants are particularly susceptible to overwatering during the winter. You'll know if you're overwatering if the leaves look droopy and start to turn yellow and if the soil seems to be taking an unusually long time to dry out. Generally you should water about half as often as you would during the growing season, but it's best to feel the soil before watering (just like you usually do, right?). Only water when the soil is dry about an inch or two down. If in doubt, let it alone for a few more days. Some desert plants like cacti and succulents may not need water at all during winter.</p><p>Stop Fertilizing</p><p>You also need to lay off the fertilizer during the winter. With fertilizer, it's easy to have too much of a good thing. Plants don't need it while they're dormant, and too much fertilizer sitting around in the soil can actually kill them.</p><p>Protect Your Plants from Drafts and Heat Vents</p><p>Plants can be picky about where you keep them during the winter. Most, especially tropical plants, won't tolerate drafts, which is tough because they also need light. Move plants a few inches back from the windows, and if your windows are particularly drafty stuff an old scarf along the sill to keep cold air out. You might also want to get yourself some door socks for exterior doors.</p><p>On the flip side, plants don't like blasts of hot air every time your radiator kicks in either. The fluctuation in temperature stresses them out, and heat makes the air even drier, which they don't appreciate. Move them if you can, or consider closing vents near your plants if that's a possibility. You can also try the usual tricks to increase humidity: grouping plants together, misting, setting out a tray of water, and running a humidifier.</p><p>Give Your Plants a Bath</p><p>How often do you remember to dust your houseplants when you're cleaning? Leaves accumulate a lot of dust, and since there's now wind to take care of it like there is in the natural world, it's up to you to intervene so that the plant can breathe. You can wipe down the individual leaves with a cloth.</p><p>You'll know your plant has come out of dormancy when you notice new leaves and shoots forming.</p>

  • Tips to Keep Your Flowers Lasting Longer

    <p> We take pride in delivering the freshest, highest-quality flowers. Our florists are often asked how to keep them looking beautiful as long as possible. Luckily, just a little extra care can make a big difference.</p><p> Most arrangements will last from four to seven days or longer depending on the type of flowers included and the level of care they receive. Here are a few helpful tips for keeping those blossoms looking healthy and vibrant for you to enjoy.</p><p> <img src="" alt="" style="margin-bottom: 10px; margin-left: 10px; width: 312px; float: right;"></p><ul> <li>1. Remove any leaves that will be below the waterline. Leaves in the water promote bacterial growth, which will cause the flowers to wilt quickly.</li></ul><ul> <li>2. Using garden shears, cut the end of the stem off while holding it underwater. This allows the stems to draw in water instead of air. Make sure it’s a clean, diagonal cut, so the flowers can drink nutrients from the water easily.</li></ul><ul> <li>3. Change dirty water regularly. Wash the vase and replace it with nice, clean water every other day. Giving the flowers a clean environment will keep them happy and ward off bacterial growth.</li></ul><ul> <li>4. Avoid placing your flowers where heating or cooling vents can blow air on them. Areas directly under ceiling fans or on top of appliances that give off heat (like older televisions, radiators, etc.), will cause your flowers to dry out and wilt faster.</li></ul><ul> <li>5. Place away from direct sunlight. It may seem counterintuitive, but your flowers will maintain their freshness much longer if they’re not overheated.</li></ul><p> We value all the emotions flowers can make us feel – excited, sentimental, appreciated, loved. Help the feeling last longer by taking care of your arrangement and keeping it looking it’s freshest for days on end. Have other questions about your flowers? Feel free to <a href="https://[FLORIST-URL&91;/contact-us/">contact us</a> or call our professional florists at the shop, and we’re happy to pass along the information you need.</p>

  • Birth Flowers and Their Meanings

    <p> Looking to send the perfect gift for a special someone’s birthday? Make their big day one to remember with a flower arrangement that matches their birth month. We've got just the right floral gifts to make sure their birthday surprise is unique and oh-so special.</p><p> Rumor has it, the tradition of celebrating birth flowers originated long ago, when the Romans began commemorating birthdays by using certain, special flowers. Depending on the birth month, different flowers were given as gifts and used for celebration decorations.Today, you can keep the tradition alive by sending a meaningful arrangement that’s tailored your loved one’s birth month. Each seasonal flower symbolizes unique characteristics and qualities, so send a gift that’s original, special and extraordinary – just like they are.</p><p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="carnation" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>January - Carnation</h3> <p>Also popular for St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Day and weddings, carnations are sweetly fragranced and feathery soft.</p><p>Meaning: Fascination, Distinction and Love.</p> </div> <p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="violet" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>February - Violet</h3> <p>This birth flower’s presence in religious works of art often denotes spiritual wisdom and faithfulness. Though this flower’s name is also it’s typical color, you can also find violets in sky blue and soft yellow. </p> <p>Meaning: Modesty, Faithfulness, Distinction and Virtue.</p> </div> <p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="daffodil-march" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>March - Daffodil</h3> <p>Synonymous with spring, daffodils symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. They are also often given for tenth wedding anniversaries, and promise happiness and joy.</p> <p>Meaning: Spring, Devotion, Rebirth.</p> </div> <p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="daisy-april" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>April - Daisy</h3> <p>April’s birth flower represents a forever-young attitude. Put some spring in their step with an arrangement that brings child-like joy.</p> <p>Meaning: Innocence, Youth, and Blissful Pleasure.</p> </div> <p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="lily-of-the-valley-may" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>May - Lily of the Valley</h3> <p>These birth flowers boast a gentle and sweet fragrance, and traditionally denote humility.</p> <p>Meaning: Happiness, Sweetness, Humbleness and Hope.</p> </div> <p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="june-rose" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>June - Rose</h3> <p>Roses of all colors have many different meanings. Love, beauty, passion, perfection…visit our webpage on Flower Meanings for an in-depth look at the feelings and emotions that roses can signify.</p> <p>Meaning: Love, Gratitude and Appreciation.</p> </div> <p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="water-lily-july" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>July - Water Lily</h3> <p>These birth flowers are also known as “Queen of the Water,” and symbolize life, love and enlightenment.</p> <p>Meaning: Joy, Sweetness and Laughter.</p> </div> <p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="gladiolus-august" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>August - Gladiolus</h3> <p>Derived from the Latin word “gladius,” meaning sword, these flowers represent strength with grace.</p> <p>Meaning: Moral Integrity, Sincerity and Generosity.</p> </div> <p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="aster-september" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>September - Aster</h3> <p>These flowers symbolize both elegance and wild beauty, as they bring a punch of color to autumn-time landscapes.</p> <p>Meaning: Daintiness, Love and Affection.</p> </div> <p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="marigold-october" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>October - Marigold</h3> <p>These flowers say “autumn” all over! Brilliant and richly colorful, marigolds represent warmth and grace.</p> <p>Meaning: Joy, Modesty and Grace.</p> </div> <p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="chrysanthemum-november" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>November - Chrysanthemum</h3> <p>Depending on the color, Chrysanthemums can represent love, innocence, or unrequited desire. As a birthday gift, these flowers say simply: “Be happy!”</p> <p>Meaning: Cheerfulness, Friendship and Abundance.</p> </div> <p class="row"> </p><div class="medium-4 columns"> <img src="" alt="narcissus-december" height="220" width="220"> <p class="medium-8 columns"> </p><h3>December - Narcissus</h3> <p>Named after a character in Greek mythology, these flowers collectively send the message: “you are special” or “you are the only one.” Send that same message with this classic bloom that also symbolizes hope and good fortune.</p> <p>Meaning: Self-Esteem, Hope and Good Wishes</p> </div><p> <em> Which is your birth flower? Does it reflect your personality traits? For the next birthday celebration in your life (whether yours or a loved one’s), remember birth flowers for truly original gifts and decorations. </em></p>

  • Welcome to our new online store

    <p> We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Northern Blvd Florist online store, making it easy to find and send the perfect arrangement for every occasion! You can now browse all our fresh floral bouquets and gifts, personalize your message, and select your delivery time and location…all from home!</p><h2><strong>Here’s what’s new on our website </strong></h2><ul> <li>Improved searching, that lets you preview our products as soon as you start typing </li> <li>Better navigation, so you can find what you’re looking for quickly, and easily </li> <li>New products featured on the homepage, so you see what’s in season </li> <li>New images, to showcase just how beautiful our fresh flower arrangements truly are </li> <li>Improved checkout, with the ability to use PayPal and Apple Pay </li> <li>A <a href="/help-center/">Help Center</a> page, with frequently asked questions, delivery and payment information, flower care tips and much more. </li> <li>And a blog! Visit us right here for news, events, and flower care tips from the shop. </li></ul><p> In addition to quality flowers, bouquets and gifts, we also take pride in excellent customer service. If you’d prefer speaking with a florist to talk about custom arrangements, recommendations, or nationwide delivery, we’re still available over the phone and in-store to make sure you have all the information you need. You can message the flower shop through our <a href="/contact-us/">Contact Us</a> page, or call us at 718-458-7015 to speak with one of our experts.</p><p> We hope you’ll enjoy our new online store as much as we do, and that you find everything you’re looking for to celebrate your next special occasion!</p>

  • 5 Best reasons to buy flowers in October

    <p>Every month has great reasons to send flowers. Here are five for October we think you’re going to love. And remember, you don’t have to wait for one of these special days. You can send flowers anytime!</p><h4>#1. Columbus Day – October 13th</h4><p>The anniversary of Columbus landing in the new world is celebrated the world over. It became a federal holiday in the United States in 1937 and was officially set as the second Monday in October in 1970. Nothing like some lovely flowers to show your appreciation of the discovery of the Americas!</p><h4>#2. Boss’s Day – October 16th</h4><p>It’s the boss’s job to appreciate and value her workers on a daily basis. But when does the boss ever get a little recognition? Now you can let the head man or woman in your office know how much you appreciate them with a lovely arrangement or living plant. Who knows? There might be a raise in it for you!</p><h4>#3. Sweetest Day – October 18th</h4><p>Celebrated on the third Saturday in October, this holiday is a celebration of candy and all the delicious wonders it brings. It is traditionally celebrated by being sweet to someone you love. That has to mean flowers, doesn’t it? Well, if you want to stick with the candy theme, your local florist would be more than happy to set you up with some well designed and delicious candy baskets. Don’t forget the sweet this Sweetest Day. Send flowers!</p><h4>#4. Mother-In-Law Day – October 26th</h4><p>The 4th Sunday in October is reserved for Mother-in-Law Day. Yes, that means it is sometimes concurrent with Halloween. Thought that may seem apt to some of you, but the rest of us love our mothers-in-law and are excited to have a day to celebrate their contribution to the family. And even if your relationship with your mother-in-law is less than cordial, perhaps a lovely arrangement of flowers could be the first step in changing it!</p><h4>#5. Halloween – October 31st</h4><p>Is it quirky dress-up time yet? Oh yeah! It’s time to put on someone else’s clothes and throw a party! And what are some of the best party decorations ever discovered? Only a perfectly themed arrangement, centerpiece or wreath from your local florist. Don’t wait for the big day to place your order. Go in early and let them make something that will impress your guests!</p>

  • Did you know that we delivery to Flushing NY?

    <p>Did you know that Northern Boulevard Florist delivers <a href="">fresh cut flowers to Flushing NY</a>? &nbsp;</p> <p>From our central Queens NY location, we delivery daily to all businesses, residences, hospitals and funeral homes in Flushing NY.</p> <p>Check out our wide selection of flowers for all occasions and order today!</p>

  • Breaking News - The Health Benefits of Fresh Flowers

    <p><span style="font-size: small;">Breaking News!!! </span></p> <p><span style="font-size: small;">A behavioral research study conducted by Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School (Boston), reveals that people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry and anxiety, and feel less depressed when fresh-cut flowers are present in the home.</span></p>

  • Welcome to our new Jackson Heights - Queens Flower Delivery website!

    <p>Thanks for stopping by!</p> <p>We're happy to have our new website up and running to offer you our flower delivery to the Jackson Heights - Queens are of New York. &nbsp;Please feel free to browse around and order online. &nbsp;If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call!</p> <p>Best regards,</p> <p>Northern Boulevard Florists</p>